Oh hello. We're a couple of guys named Dave who run another label called Zegema Beach Records. It's a money pit we've come to love because we love bands/artists and want to do whatever we can to see anyone who is willing to take the time and effort to create something get further.

But like we said,
 it can be a money pit. It's not because people don't buy music. We're definitely supported. It's not caused by oversaturation. We wish it was. It's just a simple numbers game. The demographic that buys niche genre physical media is incredibly devoted and committed but still relatively small. The amount of product we need to buy in order to get the price per unit to an affordable place usually leaves us with far more stock than we can unload. Which leads us to the heartbreak of having to turn artists down when our own wallets just can't take the hit this season.
As much as we like to make sales, people usually tend to buy straight from the bands and we wouldn't have it any other way. We're not the ones crammed in the van, sleeping on kitchen floors, and bleeding in basements trying to promote your music, but we've done it and we get it.
So we've tried to devise a system that financially removes us from the equation without losing the support and affordability we usually provide. We've boiled it down to four packages that put all of our acquired DIY promotional and product skills to work. Coupling this with a partnership from a trusted cassette duplication service, we'll create unique small to large batch tape releases from scratch. And we'll make a few extra for ourselves to put in our Canadian and USA stores, so you'll always have distribution :)

We want to help. Let us help.